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Grimace shows you what emotions look like. Pick from joy, surprise, fear, sadness, disgust and anger and set the intensity for one emotion or a combination of your choosing. The facial expression immediately changes to show what the emotion looks like. Facial expressions are the universal language through which we communicate how we feel. They are understood worldwide and hardwired into our brains from birth. Grimace helps those with Asperger syndrome or other conditions on the autistic spectrum to better understand emotions. For artists, Grimace can serve as reference library for facial expressions. It can help anyone become more empathetic by becoming a better observer of their peers. We use a simple comic style and only show facial features that convey emotions. The most important ones are the eyes, eyebrows, the mouth and the wrinkles that form when facial muscles are contracted. We leave out as much as possible so you can focus on these key features and you can see the emotion more clearly. The design is based on the book Making Comics by Scott McCloud.



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