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Take an unforgettable trip into a world of thousands of particles with the best multitouch particle visualizer and peek at the spectacular Gravitarium Plus The one and only Beat Detection music Visualizer! Gravitarium has evolved into an amazing tool you can use to visualize your own iTunes tracks(+), or draw amazing abstract line art(+) that makes a unique and elegant wallpaper for your device. This free version has all the original functionality. Just guide the particle flow with your fingertips! There are 10 different animations depending on the number of touches on the screen 1 Rocket, 2 Sparkle, 3 Energy flow, 4 Atomic, 5 freeze, 6 Circularium, 7 Fish, 8 Vortex, 9 Lasers, 10 Lightning. Gravitarium Features ► Multitouch or Sticky(+) touch (10 on the iPad, 5 on the iPhone) ► Manual or Dancing(+) particle flow animated at 60fps ► Changing or Manual color options ► Lines(+) or Specks animations with a Drawing switch ► Play or Pause (Stop and go) animation option ► Save, Edit and Share your creations ► Wallpaperizor to make your photo library images parallax optimized (iOS7) ► Original or iTunes(+) soundtracks (includes 5 relaxing tracks by Silent Strike) ► Animation options with the ability to save(+) and load presets ► Multiplayer game(+) or draw/flow with a friend option via the Game Center ► Crossdevice play capable iPad to iPad, iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to iPad…etc. (+) Features specific to the full Gravitarium2+ version



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