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Grammar Checker Daily Are you trying to write that perfect essay for school? Do you need to have your memos at work sound more professional? Wouldn't it be nice if you could have an easy reference guide in your pocket to help you when you aren't sure which word to use or which verb tense? Well now you can! That's what grammar checker is here for. It is basically a grammar dictionary that will check your work for you! And you get the convenience of being able to carry it with you all the time. Don't turn in that paper to your instructor until you've run grammar checker and fixed any little errors. Use it on your emails, so that your boss is impressed with your writing ability. You can even use it if English is your second language, and you just want to study up a little because you desire to sound more like a native speaker. What does grammar checker cover? Every type of tense you can think of including Present Simple Present Perfect (have/has Past Simple Past Perfect (had Present Continuous Past Continuous (be + ing) You also get everything you need on verbs and nouns such as Regular and Irregular Verbs (makemademade...) Regular and Irregular Nouns (childchildren...) Modal Verbs (can, will, must, should, might, may...) Passive (be ) Questions and Auxiliary verbs Gerund (verb + ing) Toinfinitive ( to+Verb) In fact, grammar checker covers everything you need to write in a comprehensive manner in the English language. Look at these other features Articles (a, an, the) Relative Clauses (which, that, what, who, where, how...) Adjectives (beautiful) Adverbs( beautifully...) Comparison (taller, more interesting...) Conjunction (and, or, nor ) Subordinate Conjunction ( while, although, if...) Prepositions (in, with, in front of, at,...) Network connectivity is required. In addition to the features above, the app enables you to make your writing perfect before sending it to Email, or Twitter. reduce grammatical mistakes by identifying them, suggesting the alternatives to them, and notifying uncertainties in your writing. look into your writing in order to avoid embarrassing grammar mistakes before sending an important business email, check your work grammatically prior to finalizing your essays, presentations, or reports.



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