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Having trouble activating your glutes? This app will help! Golf MTRx [metriks, metrics] is loaded with new features that make it easy to understand and simplify the feedback. You don’t need to be a biomechanic expert because this app checks for hip over rotation, identifies speed and stability issues and leads you to focused drills and quick tips that really help you improve. Simply tuck your iPhone or iPod touch securely into your belt or waistband and Golf MTRx will record your swings. Don’t just hit balls with new games and stretch goals Identify swing flaws like Measure P P , , and More to buy it’s Ideal for golfers of all skill levels who want SWG MENT and See why every major golf review site and publication that’s tested Golf MTRx has given it a P RTG “STNT feedback! Plain and simple. You FORinstant gratification in detailed and accurate feedback on each swing.” Kate Hughes, Former Tour Player “Thanks Golf MTRx staff for GRET ” Randy Sparks, Director of Instruction & Coaching, PureStrike Golf cademy


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