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Make goal and performance management as mobile as you are with the GoalMaster universal app! The simple app that makes you more productive, to set and submit goals, update goal result and do assessment for individual and for team, for work and life, to share goal documents across you devices, across team members for team performance management. Optimised for iPad Pro, with iOS9 multitasking support Universal app for iPad and iPhone, optimised for iPhone6(s) Plus Goal setting is the key to all success for business management, people management, project management and individual development. GoalMaster provides a very detailed form to help you set goals, you can maintain goals in a grid list, and GoalMaster will show you these goals in a slideshow mode for presentation and updating, helping you subconsciously think of ways to achieve your goals. Specific, Measurable,Assignable,Realistic and Timerelated) GoalMaster keeps your goals organised and stay on track, the app supports to update goal status and goal result, and supports to do assessment by rating result and writing comments. GoalMaster supports to merge received goals based on the simple sharing via Email, Airdrop and Dropbox for team goal collaboration without the investment and future cost of server infrastructure. Also goal documents can be shared across your devices via iCloud. Multiple goal documents to organise every aspect of your work and your life Separate your goals in multiple goal documents, organised in document groups. Duplication. Load goal documents from iCloud, Import from Dropbox and "Open in" support. Driving for , with flexibility Goal title, details, owner, category, resource and supporting needs, measurements of success, progress, result update, score and assessment Goal category and score are customizable Goal color be automatic/manual with customisation option Simple gesturebased design that allows you focus on your goals Edit/Present in List and Presentation views Tap to edit the column like the operation in Excel Frozen and scrollable columns Sharing builtin so you can be productive everywhere Save to iCloud, Load from iCloud Export to Dropbox and load from Dropbox Import as new document, and merge into opened document Email, Airdrop, "Open in" supports Merging support for team collaboration http//goal.mobilinked.biz/help/teamwork/ Merge goal documents shared by other team members Options to control the content used for merge For the process of goal and performance management low cost to set and submit goals, update result and review, do assessment and score for performance exporting for your communication needs Options to control the content, caption and banner in exported file customisation for your business needs Goal category, status and scores are customisable Column title customisation for list view Captions customisation for presentation view and Automatic colour options by owner, category, priority, score or status One universal download for iPhone and iPad GoalMaster is built by Mobilinked who focus on delivering intuitive and user centralised business apps, dedicated to bringing you free feature updates. We'd love to know how we can make you even more productive, so get in touch via the App Store “Support” link, or tweet us @iosMobilinked.

Website: http://goal.mobilinked.biz


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