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Have you ever wanted a really easy way to make sure all your players got equal playing time, without the stress of keeping track of it all? will take care of that for you. If you are a coach for a noncompetitive soccer or basketball team and want something to do all the subbing for you, then this app is for you. Just add a player’s name, take a picture of each player, choose the order at which you want your players to go in, type in the length of the game, the number of players allowed on the court/field at one time, how many periods per game, and you are ready. The app will tell your players when to go in, who to go in for, and best of all, it makes sure they all get equal playing time. What's nice about this app, is that your players do not have to be able to read. They just need to look at the pictures and they can tell who will be going in next and who will be going out. The app also allows you to make multiple teams, as well as deselect players who might not be there that day. This app was optimized for iPhone devices, but will work on iPads Players must be allowed to sub in one at a time and on the fly. This app will work if players CAN freely go in and out of the game at any time during the game. One drawback to this process of subbing players, is that once you begin each game, you cannot change anything if someone gets hurt or tired.


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