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Huge Full screen Compass, plus 1 Click Map with Altitude and Speed! Upgraded for the Retina display of the New iPad! Featured on "What's Hot!" iTunes Navigation apps New Features! Brand new Compass choice, toggle between compass screens by touching the compass center, also now you can save and backtrack to any location on the map view. Bigger better! The biggest, most accurate iPad Compass! Easy to read Analog Compass with a huge Digital readout as well. You will not have the look closely to see this compass! Very high quality screen graphics, easy to read and classic design at the same time. Also includes Altitude in feet, Speed in plus a 2 sided handy Ruler! in both metric and inches. Press the button on the left lower screen for a full color map view, the blue dot is your current location. You can then click on the icon to go back to the Compass view. Automatic detection of magnetic interference. Note Map view requires WiFi or connection for map data. Altitude and speed data require an internal or external .


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