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Want to have a crazy Austrian in your pocket??? Then get Funny Ahnold! 36 awesome lines from some great Ahnold films! All performed by a certified Ahnold imperonator! Terminate all the other stupid soundboard apps and put the exGovernator in your pocket! Now with no ads! Once again, this is not really Ahnold, just an awesome dude who does a great impression. If you don't dig it, don't diss it, just delete it. Lots of other people seem to love it! ) DISCLAIMER This app is a novelty app, like for fun, to mess with your friends and family. Please do not use it to harass and terrorize people! Also it is advised that you do not connect it to an external speaker device (or if you do keep it low). If you blast some of these noises really loudly, as with any sound, you could really damage your hearing! Don't be an idiot, and don't hurt yourself or others. BrennanMoyMedia assumes no responsibility to damage you cause yourself, others, or to property!



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