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Aim, drag, arc, and shoot in this genrebending actionpuzzle game! Using an innovative multitouch aiming system, skillfully aim and bend trickshots at waves of invading fruit attackers to take them out before they reach Earth. Features Shoot and strategize your way through 90 unique stages (with more on the way) Earn powerups, rewards, and Chain your shots together into epic combos to secure a high score on the leaderboard Unlock, upgrade, and master six shot types, each requiring different skills and strategy to use effectively Destroy fruit attackers to collect their juice and blend it into tasty rewards Story When his new invention, the Sound Amplification Transmission Inducer is ridiculed and cast out by the public, Treblebass, Ph.D. retreats to a remote tropical isle. Later, as nighinvulnerable sentient fruit from another planet begin to invade Earth, seeking revenge for the consumption of their tasty brethren, proves to be the only weapon capable of defeating them. Now it’s up to Dr. and (and you!) to save the world from the invading fruit force! Fruit Attacks is totally free to download and play but some optional items can be purchased with real money from inside the game. You can disable inapp purchases within the settings menu of your device. We cannot offer support or compensation related to use on nonrecommended devices.



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