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Open letter to users normally don't top this but it is required now. Some people will take offense to this, and some people will laugh and respect it. So here it is ve gotten bad reviews because people say it doesn't work You are not reading the instructions! Facebook and Twitter does not keep the defriend date thats why you can't find it online. This app keeps track of it from this day forward. So at initial launch you WLL 0 Xfriends. it will keep track from today on. Do you understand that??? So your claim of it not working is crazy. t takes too long to load.. f you want the locations of users, have to grab that. ts not just there. So have to pull all your friends, then find them. f you want a faster app, buy one of the other apps that doesn't do location. But bet your buying this because it does location So CHLL The Chart works when there is data if you have 0 XFriends, then there will be no data on the chart. So, if you write a bad review because you didn't read, its your fault. And your taking your short coming out on me. f i offended you, am sorry if you found this rant funny.. well you now know what the app is intended to do and if you want it great and feel free to contact me with any suggestions or added features. love talking to people who read, and want good apps. JSquared Review at http// Friend or Foe tracks your Facebook and Twitter Friends and when they unfollow or defined you. The only Friend tracking app that supports Facebook Twitter. Post a status update to both Social Networks! Features Keeps track of your friends and the history of when the connection began ( User Configurable Change the date) Shows the location of your Friends Birds eye view of all followers and friends locations Show this information in Graph Format Shows the last status update of your friends Twitter Users f you have My Tweets in settings by default) the twitter portion WLL Must turn Protect My tweets off. This is off by default Enjoy



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