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Fraction ttraction is an educational game app from School Zone that combines visual representation of fractions with the numeric form to lock in learning. How fast can the player match all the tiles and clear the board? player races the clock to find the matched pair of fraction tiles from along the edges, removing them from either the left or right. Select the lightbulb icon for a hint. Tap one of three buttons to change the play level to easy, medium or hard. The ability to beat previous times keeps it challenging. Working with fractions is a key skill to master, both for use in everyday situations like sharing a pizza and also as a foundation for higherlevel math. This great app makes it more fun! Features udio instructions udio and visual feedback Progressive skill levels Timed play/move counter Skills Fractions Visual/numeric relationships Timed problemsolving ges 8+ BOUT School Zone sparks imagination and nurtures children’s natural curiosity. We offer playful, researchbased content, brimming with color, creativity and bonus features. trusted friend to parents and teachers for more than 30 years, we know how kids learn best. Play together with your kids or turn them loose to explore with confidenceno thirdparty advertising.



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