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Convert the units of measure in Foot to Meter and vice versa. We did not want to make a simple converter, but something unique! Calculate faster than ever, is just perfect. New design idea to make you concentrate on the result. Never miss a calculation, immediate save. Find your calculations always with descriptions incorporated. Share your calculation to those who need it. Product designed to be more than just a converter, but open up new horizons to the functionality, versatility and sharing. [ ] Is generally used to indicate the altitude in aeronautics and length of sailing boats. Used in countries United States, Canada, New Zealand, South frica and the United Kingdom. The use of the foot as a unit of length dates back to ancient civilizations. Was defined as the length of the foot male ideal (considered equal to 1/6 of the stature of a man wellproportioned). foot is divided into 12 inch and represents 1/3 of the yard. [ ] Just start typing numbers. That's all. The pp will convert the number entered for both Foot and meters on the fly. You can save the calculation and find it with the label you gave. Share the calculation so you can help someone who needs it. [ FETURES ] Convert Foot in meter and vice versa Save the calculation rchive the calculation Share calculation by email Shake for reset Retina Graphics Ease of use [ RETIN GRPHICS ] The graphics are perfected to the smallest detail to make using simple, smooth and pleasant. Optimized for Retina Display on iPhone 4, iPhone iPhone 5, iPhone iPhone iPad 3, iPad 4. [ COMPTIBILY ] Devices all iPhone, iPad and iPod. iOS 7.0 and later. [ LNGUGES ] English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Japanese. [ CONTCT ] For help, suggestions, or feature requests contact and visit the official website, we are here



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