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iiRemedi's to the iPhone and iPod Community Worldwide. thorough treat in Mythology " "Enjoy the world of Classical Indian Mythology in comic book format" 153 Screens / English / Full color comic book(panel by panel) Story outline 2 of 3 Folk literature is perhaps the oldest of all literature, handed down orally from generation to generation for centuries. Russian folktales evolved during the period when Russia was ruled by Tsars and Tsarinas, much before the Soviet Union was created and dismantled. These were stories told by the peasants or 'folk'. Some of them were so powerful and impressive, like Swan Lake, The Firebird and Petrouchka, that they were set to classical music and ballet. This collection brings together some wellknown and other lesserknown stories in three parts. This is part 2 of 3. This pp is the second part of the 3 part series. bout mar Chitra Katha(Media) Media is India's leading entertainment and education company for young audiences. has enthralled generations of readers for the last four decades with over 600 + Indian mythology tales with over 90 million titles sold worldwide. has partnered with iRemedi in bringing the timeless classics to the iPhone and iPod community. bout iRemedi iRemedi's ER is a proprietary mobile content delivery technology that provides revolutionary touch media viewing. iRemedi works with rich content publishers to bring their rich content to the iPhone community. Enjoy full color highresolution art and story in an award winning and intuitive user interface. pp features Panel by Panel Page view Tracking Page numbers Slider for fast page navigation in forward or reverse Over 7 color backgrounds Option to frame pages for a book feel Option to curl pages while changing Intuitive slideshow with interval settings for paced reading Slideshow can be stopped with a single tap or continue anytime with double tap. pp optionally remembers last page to automatically take you where you left(no need for bookmarks) If original art in panel is small for portrait or landscape simply rotate iPhone to landscape or portrait. pp automatically resizes to full screen to use up any extra space available(no need for zooming in and out often). New in 2.0 Zoom as required to explore art. Double Tap to zoom or unzoom. Pan as required at any level of zoom. Full webbrowsing of and sites, Social networking pages of on Twitter, Facebook and blog Smooth Page curl animations Over 21 Graphic/visual help screens EVENT GIT+ New Releases Sons of Rama lbert Einstein Funny Folk Tales ll Time Favorites Buddha Mahabharata Folk Tales Krishna Ganesha Dashavatar Tales of Shiva Other Collections Suppandi Shikari Shambu nu Club Other Comics n Eclecticsliceoflifelook at love in the millenia. NewYorkurban dramedy in a modified Manga artstyle that keeps you engrossed." First issue free! Other iRemedi Games Cool and Fun Photo Jigsaw Puzzle Other products from eComics to udiobooks at http//



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