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lyQ from eattle vionics is a toprated aviation app because it makes your flying easier and safer by thoughtfully integrating powerful features in a way that minimizes the number of screen taps and increases readability (e.g. larger fonts for older eyes). Pilots love that it supports more than 20 devices (tratus, Clarity, reelight, NavWorx, Dual, kyRadar, iLevil, tratux, kyGuard, etc.) and is reasonably priced with annual subscriptions for just $69 and $119 + Other key features include split screen, synthetic vision, plates on the map, extended runways, distance measurement systems, fuel prices, and windoptimized flight planning. > Maps Your Way + maps or ynthetic Vision + ectionals or charts + Radar + atellite (Visible or + uel prices + Obstacle and terrain avoidance + IRMETs/IGMETs + METRs/Ts + weather and traffic from 19 receivers + Extended runways with rightpattern indicators + Procedures on the map + Rings and Extended Courseline + earch and Rescue grid + Personal Waypoints (UserDefined Points) Mix and match all of these layers on the map. tap switches from to ynthetic Vision or back again. yn Vis includes boxes, display, and support. Terrain and obstacle avoidance work in both and . Night Mode preserves your night vision. plit screen or single screen? lyQ begins in singlescreen mode with simple tabs to select major function irports, Weather, Plans, Maps, Procedures, and multipage cratchpad. Tap the plit button to show a map plus anything else at the same time. > Procedures lyQ includes the same eattle vionics georeferenced approach plates and airport diagrams that we certified for compliance with certified avionics from BendixKing and spen. plit screen mode can show a map and a procedure simultaneously. wipe to switch procedures or tap to list all procedures at an airport. Overlay procedures on a map. > light Planning Your Way 1. Enter a series of indents in the earch box. 2. Use the Plans tab to compute a windoptimized course along Victors, Jets, or Direct. You'll see a complete flight plan with all the navaids and fixes, not just a straight line. lyQ uses expected winds to plot the fastest course, saving time and money on every flight. 3. Rubberband flight plans directly on the map. 4. Enter lat/lon points, Personal Waypoints, or even airway/airway intersection points light plans are automatically shared between all your devices. > Weather lyQ uses your position to display the current temperature, Nexrad images, local METRs and Ts, and a sevenday forecast. The patentpending Graphical Wind Optimizer uses red and green bars to show the headwind or tailwind at different altitudes. There is also a gallery of and Canadian weather images. Connect your tratus, Clarity, Dual, reelight, kyRadar, iLevil, Pathfinder, tratux, NavWorx, or kyGuard system and get weather and traffic delivered as you fly! > irport Information lyQ makes it easy get airport information Enter an ident in the earch box, doubletap a map, touch any entry in your flight plan, or watch a list of nearby airports that updates as you fly. The irport screen concisely shows key operational info, runways, frequencies, satellite images, and runway diagrams on a single screen. Weather, approach procedures, and the irports directory are just a tap away. > Data Manager lyQ makes it painless to download new data every month spin and zoom a globe to visually select the states you're interested in. > Try it before you buy it Experience everything lyQ offers with a free 30day subscription. ⁺ tratus and tratus 2 are trademarks of eattle vionics and have no business agreement or relationship and has not endorsed or approved lyQ's support of their products.



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