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Fluke Connect®, a system of software and wireless Fluke® test tools, enables maintenance managers to build and sustain successful maintenance programs. Whether you are looking to establish preventive or conditionbased practices or simply maximize uptime, you can now do it with minimal investment and setup. Capture measurements from more than 30 wirelessenabled tools with the date and time stamp attached using utoecord™ measurements. When saved to Fluke Connect ssets, a measurement can be matched with its asset. There’s no manual entry, so there is little to no chance of error. Incorporate multiple measurement types including electrical, mechanical, vibration, temperature and thermal all in one location. Generate customizable reports with ease to share your findings. Storing maintenance data on the Fluke Cloud™ enables your approved team members to access it from their smartphones, whenever and wherever they need to. t the same time, you benefit from bestinclass security. The Fluke Cloud storage infrastructure is designed to provide one of the most secure cloud computing environments available today. Text or email measurements or images to get questions answered or next steps authorized. ShareLive™ video call shows a colleague exactly what you are seeing. ecord audio files in the field, whether it’s the particular sound a motor is making or a spoken recording of your voice adding detail to the measurement.

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