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As the name implies, FishPhone turns your smartphone or tablet into a fully functional underwater camera monitor. Now anyone with a smartphone or tablet will get a color /black and white video image delivered right to the palm of your hand. Using WiFi signal technology to create its own “hotspot”. You can share your video signal with as many friends as you like or password protect it just for yourself. You don’t need cell phone coverage to use it, the FishPhone works anywhere in the world. To use the FishPhone App you must connect to an existing FishPhone Camera Transmitter or purchase one for yourself. The FishPhone Camera System (FP100) is a stand alone, fully functional, smartphone controlled system that allows you to record video or still images and easily send it off to your friends in an email or text. The FishPhone Camera System comes with a unique holder and battery pack system that makes it easy to carry and manage 50 feet of cable. The portable FishPhone camera pack system can power your FishPhone for six hours between charging. The underwater camera used in the FishPhone system is a Color/ camera that automatically shifts from color to black and white when light conditions are limited to increase display contrast.



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