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FishNav is an app to direct you to your favourite fishing spot. Your fishing spots are saved within the app and may be created by selecting points on a map. The coordinates of a saved position may be modified directly enabling you to create a fishing spot from coordinates. FishNav does not provide real time navigation or course guidance, however what it does provide is a means of dead reckoning, which calculates a fixed bearing and time to destination based on an initial position fix and a planned cruising speed. Multiple map views (Map, Satellite, Hybrid) Crosshair on map to accurately drop pins. Fishing spots annotated onto map as pins. Required direct course shown on map. Selectable units (Nautical Miles/kts, Miles/MPH, Kilometres/kph) Compass with fixed directional arrow to destination. Alert when destination is near. Displays speed, current position, count down timer. Saved locations listed in order of proximity. coordinates displayed with a resolution of 0.01 of a second of longitude and latitude. Never lose a fishing spot again! Happy Fishing )


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