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Save money little by little like ants do! Fineants is gonna be your new saving assistant. Set a saving goal, log your savings, track your progress. You'll save money faster then ever with Fineants! New with iOS 8 Add the Fineants widget to the Today view and keep your progress always under control! The ants saving model Every day there are many little things that you can do to save money, like getting a small coffee instead of a large one, bringing the lunch from home rather than eating out, only have a drink instead of getting drunk! Each of this little thing is some money you have saved. Fineants helps you keep track of the little daily savings, and motivates you to reach your saving goal quicker. How it works Step 1 Set a saving goal. For example "iPad Air 2 $599 " Step 2 Log each little saving. For example "No coffee after lunch $3.65" Step 3 Keep saving little by little Step 4 Reach your goal and enjoy it, you've earned it! Fineants is the simplest and faster saving tracker. Start saving today with Fineants!


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