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Are you having trouble keeping abreast of your Twitter feed? Do you spend too much time trying to work out who is worth following and who is just selling stuff? It’s time to prune your feed. There are lots of apps out there that let you “unfollow your unfollowers”, but Feed Pruner is more intelligent. It automates that fiddly process where you visit someone’s profile and try to work out if they are interesting and if they are likely to engage with your content. Clean your feed and make it more powerful and less annoying. (1) Golden Ratio shows you the ratio of followersfollowing of all the people in your feed displayed as a list, and allows you to unfollow those with a low ratio. These accounts are likely to be spammers, bots, or just plain uninteresting. (2) If one of those accounts is your boring cousin that you can’t unfollow because genetics not pointing a finger here Brian you can just hide him from the list by swiping left. (3) User Engagement shows you who does, and who does not, engage with your content displayed as a list. If they don’t retweet or mention you at all, that probably means they don’t read your content. (4) You can also unfollow your unfollowers if you want to be oldfashioned. (5) You can reverse the order on both “User Engagement” and “Golden Ratio” so that you can see who is the most engaged with your content, who interacts the most, and who has the highest ratio. That’s cool too. Feed Pruner does exactly what it says on the box spring cleans your Twitter feed. There are no ads in Feed Pruner, no inapp purchases in fact we’d like to help you get rid of clutter.


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