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The Fast Writer delivers customizable shortcut keys, which you can select 10 to 15 keys from 120 special characters including icon symbols or on portrait and landscape keyboards. You can fast write a note with following characters without changing the keyboard from portrait to landscape or viseaversa. Fast Writer allows you to change a font, a font size and a font color for each note and you can also easily search for past notes. You can share your notes via email or send your notes by it automatically copies your message to the iPhone’s clipboard then automatically starts the Messages app where you can Paste your message into the body of your text message. ✺ Features Shortcut keys Customizable shortcut keys from 120 special characters including symbols or Fast access shortcut keys on the portrait and landscape keyboard 10 shortcut keys for the portrait keyboard 15 shortcut keys for the landscape keyboard Full international keyboard support Customize note Change the font, font size and font color for each note Provide 30 font types and 10 to 50 font sizes Provide 11 font colors Share notes Share note with graphical symbol. Send note via Send note via Email. Multiple recipients for email to and cc. One touch Emails a written note to yourself Customizable Email address and subject Full support landscape and portrait mode Provide landscape and portrait modes in all views Fast and easy to write with the landscape keyboard Usability Search for past notes Sort notes by date and title on the list Restore the last edited/viewed note Automatic save last note Support undo, redo, cut, copy and paste Keyboard disappears for viewing longer messages ✤✤ If you encounter any problems or issues using the application, please do not hesitate to contact us on We are committed in providing a highly reliable and a convenient application on the App store. All reported issues would be fixed and provided in the next released update.



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