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This is not a game but a highly addictive toy with thousands of fans around the world. The idea is just to create paths for the falling grains of sand, salt, water and oil to pass through. By mixing the different elements together you can create many colorful designs, complex structures that vary in space and time the only limit is your imagination! This highly optimized iOS version of the application allows you to have the same great experience and fun on both iPhone3/4 and iPad. In this version 1) you can fill the screen using predefined pictures and patterns. 2) you can make a screenshots and share your work with friends. More information and quick help/description can be found here http//komsoft.ath.cx/falling.html This application has been tested on many different Apple devices and software versions. However if you have found any problems with my application please, drop me an email with details of your hardware and iOS configuration at support@komsoft.ath.cx Or at least put these info into review text. Have a good time!

Website: http://komsoft.ath.cx


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