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Facer, the leading watchface customization platform is finally available for pple Watch! Personalize your watchface with the most stylish & chic images available. See a different watch face every time you turn your wrist! Select a live theme or channel for a constant stream of new images. Partners include Instagram, Tumblr, Unsplash, Superfamous, Gratisography, Vecteezy, Nasa & more. New themes & live feeds added weekly. Or create & share your own watchface at www.facer.io/creator Facer is the most popular watchface platform in the world with hundreds of thousands of smartwatch users today. Now, it’s finally available on pple Watch! Don’t settle for the default watchfaces & backgrounds if design, style and individuality are important to you, Facer is the personalization app for your pple Watch. FCE Our simple interface makes it easy for you to choose and set your favorite face or rotate through backgrounds for a delightful surprise each time you check your watch you won’t be disappointed! INSTGRM & Easily sync your Instagram or Tumblr account and see images from your live feed as your watchface. You’ll always know what’s happening on your Instagram network with a simple flick of your wrist. BRNDS Select officially licensed watchfaces from some of our favorite brands including Garfield, Popeye, Betty Boop and more to come. LERN Learn things like languages, constellations or the elements of the periodic table with flashcard style faces. Expand your mind! Passively absorb knowledge every time you check the time! MES & CHNNELS Select a live theme or channel for a constant stream of new images. We bring you the best curated content including gorgeous art, photography, patterns and more to really set your watch apart. Partners include Instagram, Unsplash, Superfamous, Gratisography, Vecteezy, Nasa & more. New themes & channels added weekly. If you’re one of those “creative types", you can design & share your own watchface album at www.facer.io/creator. ESY Open Facer app on iPhone for a quick, repayable installation video to show you exactly how to seamlessly sync Facer themes. Steps include Open pple Watch Companion pp. Select Photo icon. Go to Synced lbum and choose Facer Select “Photo lbum” watchface on your pple Watch You should see the Facer logo on your watch. Note Syncing images for the first time may take a few minutes. Until they sync you will see the “No Photos” image. Just be patient. The awesomeness is loading. Once you see the Facer logo, choose Yes on your iPhone Select a Theme and accept the permissions and you’re all done. Enjoy! Create your watchface www.facer.io Support facersupport@littlelabs.com Join our beta www.littlelabs.com/products.html bout us www.littlelabs.com


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