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Become 10 years younger in 10 minutes per day! Not a single woman of this world wants her beautiful face to be touched by time and we do everything possible and impossible to postpone the moment when as a result of smiles, laughter, joy and wonderful surprises our faces becomes covered with small wrinkles. Rita Chelmakova is a of a popular music channel, movie actress and the main hero of this precious App who knows the price of true beauty as nobody else. Thanks to Rita, you will know the secret how to look perfect in any time of the day due to some simple exercises. This App is a secret weapon of women of all the world cause exactly through this 57 muscles of our faces will be perfectly toned which means that our beauty will be protected from early fading, wrinkles, losing tissue tension and even shape deformation. And on the contrary, our face contours will become sharper, neck more swanlike, with the help of these exercises you can even increase the lip volume! Yes! Without a single surgical intervention! Removing your wrinkles and preventing the new ones this all is possible only by regular use of this App! The exercises take only 10 15 minutes a day. Now everything is really in your hands! Eight sections each of them s working with the exact problem zone. Detailed description of exercises Brief and friendly interface Photo illustration of your exercises Video illustration of your exercises The great variety of exercises Only the best and efficient exercises Elaborated program of exercises The exercises don't demand special preparations We've prepared the complex of exercises for the whole week The most handsome instructor of face fitness Problem zones are divided into convenient separation, which demands working out The constructor gives the opportunity to prepare the individual program, which will be individually effective


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