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Exes track your expenses in a simple way. Keep it simple and elegant We have designed a very minimalistic and intuitive user interface for you so that you will never be lost and track your expenses very quickly. The application do not have mass of functions where you will get lost. Track things you buy the most Tracking every penny you spent for a long time is very hard to achieve but you probably have some things you buy most often like "food, clothes, gas, sweets, coffee"or other expenses types like "planning a party expenses" etc. These things can be tracked easily. The main window is a list of the things you buy the most often. Easy and fast Input It will take just a few seconds to save a new transaction. Just select the thing you’ve bought and add the money value you’ve spent on it. Want to do it faster ? just swipe right the thing you've bought and you're in transaction window instantly. You will always know when you did your last transaction of certain thing in main window you’re always in control of your exes. Visual analyse The more you use, the more detailed is your report of money spendings. If you need to see visually and more detailed analyze your exes you can preview in a fullscreen graph (just rotate the device in the selected cost window and you will see the graph). It will preview all your spending history it's easy to compare & examine your finances. Sync data The data is synced to iCloud, so you’re guaranteed with a long term money spending history on multiple devices.


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