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ExamMate Chemistry Unit 3 lets you quickly test your understanding of subjects in Chemistry Unit 3, and is an excellent study tool when preparing for the exam. Combining the use of over 500 chemistry flash cards and the Leitner system for sorting this app becomes a powerful tool to identify where you may be having trouble to fine tune your study and to focus on these areas. Released for both iPhone and iPad, with high quality graphics and text flash cards. Flash card topics include Basics Bonding and interactions Basics I Ions, compounds, numbers, units, errors Gravimetric analysis and the mole Acidbase chemistry Redox chemistry Volumetric analysis acidbase and redox Chromatography Atomic absorption, UVvis and colourimetric spectroscopies Infrared spectroscopy, mass spectrometry Nuclear magnetic spectrosscopy Organic Chemistry Naming, isomers, properties Organic chemistry I Reactions Fossil fuels and biofuels Biomolecules Carbohydrates and fats Biomolecules I Amino acids and proteins Biomolecules II and Medicines


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