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Turn your dusty bookshelves at home into an interactive library! limited time only! Evershelf makes your personal collections of books, music, and movies searchable. By sharing your shelves with friends, you can create a virtual lending library where searching for an item not only tells you whether you own it, but shows you whether any of your friends have it in their collection. Creating a shelf is as easy as scanning barcodes. If your item is not one of the over 25 million books, CDs, or vinyl records we can identify, just snap a photo of the cover and Evershelf makes the text in the image searchable. Perfect for those limited editions and collector’s items. Evershelf snap. search. share. Features Streamlined cataloging process capture a shelf of 200 books in about 10 minutes All your items are backed up in Evernote Image text recognition for hardtofind titles Barcode scanning for books, CDs, and vinyl records Powerful search shows you what you have and where to find it Sharing shelves connects you to your friends through your collections Add notes about your items (i.e. “read” or “lent out to mom”) Check whether your friends have what you’re looking for before you buy it yourself!

Website: http://www.evershelfapp.com/


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