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Event Splitter is an easy way to manage expenses for a shared event. Is everyone pitching in to throw Mom an 80th birthday party? Everyone paid for something. How do you easily even up on all those expenses. There are other expense splitter apps, but none that have the ease of use and full functionality of Event Splitter. Event Splitter was designed from the ground up to intuitively let you specify and manage expense items who paid for the item and who participated in the expense. And at any point, just turn the iPhone or Touch sideways to see the simplest number of payments for everyone to get even. FEATURES Unlimited number of splitter/participants everyone gets a colored button simply touch people's buttons to signify their participation (using) and paying details in an expense people can be payersonly or participantsonly or both multiple people can be payers splits can be evenly spread (automatic) or unevenly spread (assisted) Expense items are easy to create and edit touch a date on the main table view to create an item for that day (dates can be changed later) touch an item already in the list to edit or delete it touch person buttons to configure payers and participants optionally track payment type cash, credit, debit, check and gift Main view shows all critical information items are grouped into table sections by day item row shows name, participants and payers by color code, and expense amount totals shown by day person buttons can be preconfigured with participant and payer defaults Save lots of events Have any number of events going at one time, just switch between them Each event can have its own unique set of persons/splitters Reporting email the current status of the event expenses and splits at any time enough information is provided in the email to recreate even the most complex uneven split Innovative menu system Add new events, switch between events, delete events, email events, even up and view totals Cool animation Support local app based help web based help email support from the app

Website: http://www.dcsoftwarearts.com/eventsplitter


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