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This app has been temporarily enabled on the pp Store only to push out an important update to existing users over the coming days. t will soon be removed again. You should note that support for this app will soon end completely. The price has been increased to discourage purchase. Read more about this on the Support Forums here if you have questions http//support.equipd.me/entries/83077955 New users should look for the newly released "Equipd Bible" app instead www.equipd.me New users considering downloading Equipd should be aware that Equipd will soon be removed from the pp Store. Equipd will continue to be supported for users who download Equipd before it is removed, but you should be fully aware of the what all this means by checking the Support Forums http//support.equipd.me Equipd Features Equipd is a complete theocratic digital library including multiple Bible Translations, and Podcast feeds, language translation tools, and a browser engine that can cache content for offline use. Multiple Bible Languages and Translations Read the Bible in over 100 languages, sidebyside. Compare the rendering of verses across different translations. Copy scriptures into your notes with one click. Listen to the Bible audio for many languages. Complete Library Equipd provides easy access to the Watchtower and wake magazines, nsight Volumes, Research Guide, Books, Brochures, Tracts and Yearbooks on in over 150 languages. Many publications feature images and audio. Easily update a publication if the source material is changed on . Quickly jump straight to the article on to do more research. Study Efficiently The unique workflow of Equipd allows you to navigate between the Bible, study tools and publications with ease. t is optimised for use in the ministry, in personal study, or at the meetings. Use the supported gestures (such as swiping, twofinger tapping, and pinch/zoom) to get the most out of Equipd. and Podcast Feed Readers Keep on top of the latest announcements, videos, and press releases from JW.org. Language Translation Tools Multiple ways to switch a Bible chapter or article you are reading between different languages. Tight integration with the iOS dictionary, with .jw.org, with the nsight Volumes, and with Pleco. Those in the Chinese foreign language field get access to to autogenerated Pinyin, Zhuyin and Sidney Lau above the characters, or toggle the characters on/off. Cache for Offline use ll textbased content and images can be saved for offline use. Read the content later, no nternet required! Organise content Bookmark your favourite scriptures. Save your favourite articles to the Briefcase by Topic, and group your favourite publications for quick access. nnotations Underline and highlight content from the publications and articles. You can add Notes right next to content it relates to, and even tell the Note to expand the text to show in the article so you can read it immediately without clicking. There are so many other features in Equipd cannot list them all here. Overall hope the hundreds of hours spent developing Equipd enables you to be "completely equipped for every good work" (2 Timothy 317). Especially those working hard in the foreign language field! Devices Supported Equipd requires iOS 7.0 and above. ny device that can run iOS 7 can also run Equipd, although an iPad 4+ or iPhone 5+ is recommended. Fully optimised for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. f you have any questions please refer to the Equipd Support Forums http//support.equipd.me Official Website http//equipd.me Official Support http//support.equipd.me Facebook http//facebook.com/equipd.me Twitter http//twitter.com/equipd

Website: http://www.equipd.me


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