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EpicFlare is a program for creating beautiful video gifts, presentations, particle effects in the form of Fire, Smoke, Flares, Fireworks, Lightning, Fog, Particles in the form of Flowers, Laser stick, neon lines with many options. All effects in the program are for free of charge. No builtin sales.With EpicFlare visual effects can be added to video, photo, threedimensional animation. EpicFlare application which has no analogues, based on the direction of the particles. Creates a large number of objects (particles), which can be easily managed (to change size, color, speed, quantity, etc.. Parameters). In this case, you do not need any special skills. EpicFlare already contains costed algorithms behavior of particles, this explains the performance of the program. Your point is to control the behavior of particles, observing the results on the screen in real time. Make your video and set background music. Tutorials? visit website http//epicflare.kz

Website: http://epicflare.kz


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