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Environmental noise detection tool is designed to provide you comprehensive and detailed information on the noise surrounds you. It helps you fully understand the noise around you, and specialized categories provide some assistance for your life. Do you ever experienced following situation 1. When buy/rent a house want to know the house surrounding noise environment. 2. When commissioning want to learn the vehicle noise. 3. When during pregnancy want to conceive a good environment for your prenaty care and baby. 4. To test the snoring level of your roommate or colleague. 5. To test If the noise harms in a working environment. 6, as well as various environment we are care about. Environmental noise detection tool is able to give you more than just a number. It gives your confidence while buy/rent a house, happy driving, proper prenatal care, it lets you understand the surroundings at all times, and developing a healthy lifestyle. It would be grateful if you let us know about your comments using the feedback option. If you feel this tool helps, please rate us, we will be motivated. Wish you all happiness! Nightingale team produced


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