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You can do it! Zoom in, locked on where you want to color. Gently fill in the color, listen to the music, and erase what you don't want or just be outside the lines! By engaging multiple parts of the brain, coloring allows us to focus on the lines, movements, and colors in front of us, use our imaginations, be creative, and destress Stimulate your brain! Coloring time is calming time!! In this coloring app you will practice Zen, you will practice patience! The perfect way to relax, relieve stress and be creative. Had a hard day at work? Creativity is a great relaxation tool. We invite you to relax and explore new images, patterns and colors. Tension and worries fade away as you transform animals, flowers and oriental patterns into your own unique harmony piece of art. This is an Exclusive and ultimate coloring book experience for Adults featuring relaxing music to enhance the experience. The only coloring app for adults where you can actually color like in real life and not just tap to paint. The only coloring app for adults with relaxing music The one and only coloring app for adults with "White Board" for free style creativity 26 different relaxing themes to color 35 colors and 10 additional beautiful pattern to color the original illustrations Download our coloring book "Enchanted Forest Art Class" and we promise you'll clear your mind, you'll have fun, and you might even have a pretty piece of art to frame when you're finished! This book suitable for adults and older children


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