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Elegantly Vegan is an interactive vegan cookbook with over 50 delicious recipes. book containing absolutely scrumptious options to traditional dishes made purely from plant based ingredients. Dishes such as pizza, lasagna, pies and burgers are transformed into healthier all platbased options. The book also covers inspirational vegan options for sumptuous brunches, afternoon tea and delectable coffee time pastries. The purpose of this book is to inspire you and to get you exited to try something new, either you are a vegan or not. This first edition of Elegantly Vegan covers all your bases and has nifty features that will help anyone master vegan cooking by enabling you to Recalculate the recipes to fit the amount of people you are serving. Send yourself or someone else handy shopping lists for the grocery store visit. voice controlled mode helps you swipe back and forth while cooking no messy hands on your iPad ever. Give away some plantbased power by using the “Gift this app” to someone you love as a gift to get them started with some easy all vegan recipes. ll recipes are eggfree and milkfree. encourage you to share photos and tweets from the book by using the hash tag elegantlyvegan


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