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This is Generation easyJet Travelling with easyJet just got even easier with this easyJet iOS app. You can search, book and manage your flights all in the palm of your hand. Accessing your travel information on the go has never been so easy! The easyJet app now supports Apple Watch Provides personalised flight information and realtime views of travel information checked most frequently by passengers Glances count down to the passengers departure, giving them the relevant key information when they need it Realtime Flight status, weather forecasts and currency exchange rates for their destination Users can Tweet and post to Facebook at various stages of their trip directly from the watch face What can you do with this app? Book your easyJet flights in an experience designed to be as fast as possible View your bookings, change your flights, manage disruption and add seats, bags, sports equipment and much more Even if you booked on easyJet.com you can use the new passport scanning feature, making your checkin faster than ever before Store up to five boarding passes per flight on your phone which will be available offline so you don’t need a data connection Check the latest arrival & departure information for easyJet flights with real time live updates direct from easyJet Operations Control Centre Overhauled our Advanced Passenger Information System You can now check and add information individually per passenger Even if you didn't book the flight you can import the booking and add information Use the new Passport scanning feature which populates the data for you And next time, you won’t need your passport as you can simply and securely retrieve it Note Continued use of running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Website: http://www.easyjet.com/en/mobile


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