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great and innovative Touchrcade (4.5/5 stars) Earthcore is a card battler with infinite tactical opportunities that test your strategic thinking in ways you never thought possible! Hone your strategy by minimizing randomness with intellect and preparation. highly recommend it" “Earthcore isn’t like any other I’ve played” Kotaku "Easytolearn yet surprisingly complex and strategic" VentureBeat "This game is seriously impressive" Fire burns Earth, Earth absorbs Water, Water extinguishes Fire. You use your cards’ skills to outsmart your opponent and, like in a real battle, you gamble on your life every time you use a card. Strategy and later on tactics is achieved through hundreds of skills you can use in various combinations. What skills are those? Maneuver, Direct Damage, Skill Theft, Element Change, Lower Risk and more! revolutionary Card Crafting system lets you create 500,000+ unique cardcombinations with powerful skills. Discover the most dangerous card combos to annihilate your opponents! Test yourself in quick duels against friends, challenge strangers for loot, or climb the ranks of the multilayered League that only the best players can reach! Like any good commander, all you have in the midst of battle is your army and your wits. Treachery, weapons of mass destruction, wars, political intrigues and goblin revolution. The story in Earthcore gives a completely new meaning to “dark fantasy”. Join us and learn more from other gamers http// The game requires an internet connection and offers optional inapp purchases. This is an universal app that requires iPad 2 or better or iPhone or better to work. © 2015 Tequila Games Sp. z o.o. ll rights reserved.



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