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re you a ham radio operator or shortwave listener, in need of up to date propagation information and solar conditions? Toolbox features several propagation forecasting tools, allowing you to quickly and easily estimate current (Shortwave) propagation conditions between any two locations in the world, and is ideal for the ham radio operator, shortwave listener, or other radio enthusiast. Radio propagation conditions can also be estimated between any two points on the Earth. Graphs of these conditions can be generated for a given frequency or time, and graphs can also be displayed. grayline map of the world is also available. Radio propagation between locations within the grayline region of the world is often greatly enhanced. Toolbox's grayline map makes it easy for you to determine where those locations are. Grayline propagation has been used by expert radio operators and ers for years to catch elusive stations. plot the great circle (both short and long) path between your location and another station is also displayed, as well as the beam heading and distance. The location of the currently transmitting beacon can be displayed on the map as well. Maps showing ionosonde plots of foF2, foEs, and hmF2 data from various locations around the world are available. The and skip zone can be calculated based on foF2 and hmF2 values. urora prediction maps for the northern and southern hemisphere are available. Toolbox displays the following important solar and geomagnetic readings Solar Flux Index KIndex Sun Spot Number XRay Flux levels XRay flares Solar Wind Earth's Magnetic Field roton and Electron Flux levels Radio Blackout conditions Geomagnetic Storm conditions Solar Radiation Storm conditions Graphs of xray flux readings from the satellites may also be displayed. The following radio propagation reports and forecasts are available Geophysical lert 27 ay Space Outlook 45 ay Forecast Geomagnetic ata aily Geomagnetic ata aily article ata aily Solar ata aily Magnetometer nalysis Reports Hourly Magnetometer nalysis Reports redicted Sunspot Numbers and Radio Flux Report of SolarGeophysical ctivity Solar and Geophysical ctivity Summary Solar Region Summary Weekly Highlights and Forecasts Current Space Weather Indices Space Weather Event Reports aily Space Weather Indices Summary of Space Weather Observations 3day Space Weather redictions Space Weather lerts In addition, 21 maps of current Layer bsorption levels are available for display. Full documentation on how to use the app is available here http//www.blackcatsystems.com/iphone/dxtoolboxfaq.html Get your copy of Toolbox now, and you’ll always be up to date on current radio propagation conditions.

Website: http://www.blackcatsystems.com/iphone/dx_toolbox.html


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