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Have you ever wondered how the professionals make those awesome dubstep tracks? Well you just stumbled across one of the best kept secrets in the industry… Kitty Dubstep! Why choose Kitty Dubstep? Besides its incredible name and icon, Kitty Dubstep has over 90 samples and tracks that will put the power of dubstep right at your fingertips. Oh you want cats? We've got cats... Kitty Dubstep combines all the awesomeness of a feline with the crunkness of dubstep, aka cat sounds and an airhorn. Sold already? How about 20 sick nasty professional grade loops to wobble on? Each loop has been hand picked by our team of certified Audiologists to rock your Tympanic Membrane. We’ve got mad wobbles for you too. This isn’t merely a coincidence, Kitty Dubstep has chosen you to become part of the Dubstep revolution. Embrace your inner and lead the charge against boring music and apps with Kitty Dubstep! Shout out to LooperMan.com for supplying awesome loops and samples! Music From http//BeatsRoyaltyFree.com

Website: http://www.apphappystudios.com/apps


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