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The Drop Recipes app is a beautiful, interactive recipe book. Make use of the app's smart features to ensure perfect results every time you step in the kitchen. When the app is paired with the optional Drop Scale, it can do even smarter work for you, like resizing a recipe to use up the sugar you have left. Magazine recently called Drop “a pretty amazing thing.” Drop has also been praised in Gigaom, TechCrunch, MacWorld, Vanity Fair, Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Gizmodo, and dozens other major publications. Once you follow a Drop recipe, there's no going back. Each makes use of clever features such as ingredient substitution, recipe resizing by portion, and helpful timers not to mention lots of photo and video tips. Browse hundreds of top quality, tried and tested recipes from our own test kitchen and from fantastic recipe partners such as Good Housekeeping and Food52. With Drop, you can search for recipes by meal type, occasion, diet, experience level, and prep time. Recipe ratings and reviews by other users will help you decide what to make. Launch right into a recipe to create on the fly, or use the prep section to get everything peeled, chopped, and measured before you start. You decide how much the recipe will yield the app can halve, double, or quarter a recipe for you, and with the Drop scale, it can even resize by ingredient weight. Missing an ingredient entirely? Drop will suggest smart alternatives and adjust the recipe accordingly. Drop recipes are designed to create an easy, stepbystep visual experience that eliminates the hassle of wading through paragraphs of text in search of an oven temperature. The responsive Drop format gives you all the information you need to make something beautiful, including inapp timers that sound off before anything gets burned or ruined, and photo and video tips to keep you on track. Drop makes it easy to share recipes and food photos online. Pin your favorite Drop recipes to Pinterest or share them with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Or post a photo of your own masterpiece straight from the app to Instagram and let the likes roll in. Don't forget to share the secrets to your success with the Drop community by leaving a recipe review!

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