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Loved by thousands of users all over the World! You always forget from time to time to drinking water with busy works? As we know that water is the source of life.All human‘s activities are inseparable from the water. The water in the body not only "transport" carriers of various nutrients, but also directly involved in the body's metabolism. Therefore, to ensure adequate water intake is essential for normal functioning of the body's physiological function. The Scientist said that our body need to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day in order to better body cycle. Drinking Timer is an app that remind you to drink water every day.It also contain lots of knowledges of how to drink is more healthy. 1.The first one of free water drink reminder app; 2.You can set the time to remind based on individual schedule; 3.Different sounds of ringtones set to remind you drink water; 4.Plenty of free knowledge on drinking; 5.perfect fit with iPhone5, iPhone iPhone, iPod Touch ;


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