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Featured by Apple in “New and Noteworthy” in Canada, France and others! Tired of digital alarm clocks? Dream clock created a new way to manage your alarms. It uses an analog clock to display, add and modify alarms. Just move your finger, and your alarm will be ready. Alarms are displayed just on the face of the clock. Each of them stands at the position where the hour hand will point to when the alarm sounds. Add an alarm by just dragging an alarm to the time you want. Drag it to another time will adjust alarm time, dragging it out of the clock will remove it. Tap an existed alarm to reveal a dayofweek selection popover. Retina Display support for the new iPad has come! Features 2 realistic analog clocks Alarms displayed on the face of the clock Day/Night Mode Ticks sound Disable Autolock Vertical and horizontal modes Add or delete an alarm by a single drag Adjust alarm time by drag it to another position Day of week selection within a popover 6 builtin alarm sounds/iPod music alarms Alarm volume adjustable S Wake up with your favorite song Snooze Snooze length customizable Tap the red stop button to stop, tap anywhere else to snooze

Website: http://yumeworks.com


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