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Quickly engage with patients in a meaningful way. drawMD is a fast, free, simple and effective way to communicate with your patients by sketching on medical illustrations relevant to general surgery. drawMD General Surgery’s content was developed by physicians and clinical practitioners to facilitate discussion of the most common conditions and procedures. The drawMD platform allows you to easily annotate any condition on our pertinent medical illustration or you can easily upload your own images. drawMD General Surgery provides Clinically validated anatomical artwork. Easytouse annotation capability. Fits easily into any workflow. A library of interactive illustrations of anatomy, pathologies, and treatments. Easy sharing with patients. Image import functionality to library for annotation. The medical field does not stop advancing and neither do we! drawMD is always interested in developing newandimproved illustrations. Let us know what images or features we should add! Some of the conditions, procedures and anatomy you will find in drawMD General Surgery Ostomy care, stomas, appendicitis, appendectomy, pancreatitis, gallstones, abscess, cirrhosis, cancer, hernia, tumors, kidney stones, parathyroid adenoma, cysts, diverticulosis, diverticulitis, diabetes, gastritis, colonoscopy, gastric bypass, gastric banding, hemorrhoid, vocal cord disorders, urostomy, colostomy bags, and many more...! About our Consultanst drawMD General Surgery was created under the clinical supervision of James Nitzkorski, Dr. Nitzkorski is a surgical oncologist at Vassar Brother’s Medical Center in Poughkeepsie, The Ostomy Care section of drawMD General Surgery was created under the guidance of Lauren Wolfe Lauren currently works full time for Vancouver Coastal health in Home Health as a and part time with Nightingale Medical as an Ostomy Consultant in Vancouver Canada. Special thanks to Lauren for her patience, persistence and pragmatic help during the recent creation of this art!

Website: http://www.drawmd.com


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