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Learn how to draw horses with The Cartoon Project. We have easy to follow step by step examples of how to sketch a great looking cartoon horse. We’re currently have the instructions on how to draw 18 different horse breeds, including Gypsy Cob, Fjord, Haflinger, Shetland, Welsh Pony, Quarterhorse, Appaloosa, Paint, Andalusian, Stock Horse, Marwari, Lippizaner, Sport Pony, Thoroughbred, Arabian, Hackney, Black Forest and Warmblood. an example the four gaits (walk, trot, cantor, gallop) which you can draw your horse posing in the inclusion of our first bonus ‘horses’ which need to be seen to be believed ;) But we’re not done yet! Coming up in our next updates will be more horse breeds, more bonus ‘horses’ and a new section with a big collection of different stances you can draw your favourite horse breed in. Don’t be fooled by some other ‘how to draw’ apps that merely rub out sections of drawings and call them ‘steps’. The Cartoon Project teaches you the classic method of sketching beginning with the ‘wire frame’ that sets up the posture and then building the detail until it’s time to render the finished illustration. If you like drawing and/or like horses you’ll love The Cartoon Project’s Drawing Horses !

Website: http://www.thecartoonproject.com


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