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Want to discover fine dining, find exclusive deals and make instant online reservations at Asia’s most top restaurants to enjoy the best gourmet food in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and many other cities? Download DiningCity and sign up to be a member now! If you are a member of DiningCity already, sign in with this for quicker and smarter reservations. You may also check your upcoming and history reservations on DiningCity . Features Easy and fast sign in and sign up Including hundreds of best restaurants in 13 cities in Asia, with even more cities coming shortly Restaurant info on addresses, pictures, locations, reviews and many more Deal info on menus, prices and pictures Instructional dining guide for Restaurant Week winners, steak house, Japanese, romantic restaurants, and many others Guaranteed reservations in only 2 clicks, super easy and fast Member info on profile as well as all upcoming and history reservations Language in Chinese and English


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