Dermoscopy: An Illustrated Self

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casebased visual guide to learning dermoscopy complete with selfassessment cases. This app uses a unique method for learning how to use dermoscopy to diagnose benign and malignant pigmented and nonpigmented skin lesions. Contains 300 fullcolor llustrations 95 melanomas plus important simulators. Learn dermoscopy to accurately diagnose a full range of skin lesions with superb images and text that look great on your mobile device. No internet connection needed to view the full app. t is all ready for quick image and information retrieval. The 191 cases are easy to navigate and each case stimulates you to analyze the dermoscopy image before answering thoughtprovoking questions. You commit to a diagnosis and treatment plan before requesting the answers. The answers are robust with helpful explanations and useful pearls. t the end of each case the dermoscopic image is marked with arrows, circles, boxes and stars to direct you to the exact key features that inform the diagnosis. There is no better way on your own to learn dermoscopy. Each case is scored and you can see your scores summarized on one screen in order to go back to review the cases that were most difficult for you. Each case can be reset individually to start off the case as a brand new problem to solve. dditionally, you can search through the introduction or case answers by keywords. For each of the 191 cases, you will find a series of fullcolor clinical and dermoscopic images, each with a short history. Every case is followed by trueorfalse questions along with three check boxes to test your knowledge acquisition and decisionmaking ability. Click a button and the answers to the questions are provided. Circles, stars, boxes, and arrows appear in the image pointing out the important dermoscopic criteria for each case. Features Cases are taken from lesions of the scalp, face, nose, lips, ears, trunk, extremities, palms, soles, nails. Clinical pearls are provided based on the authors’ years of experience treating skin cancers. n interactive and visual approach to learning the general principles, terminology and specific criteria of dermoscopy. This will enhance your ability to utilize dermoscopy, which is both tissue sparing and potentially lifesaving. Review of book on which this app is based Doody's Core Title for 2011! 5 "This is a useful tool for any healthcare provider interested in dermatology, whether a new resident just starting to study skin disease or a seasoned practitioner wishing to learn a new skill....What is especially helpful is the labeling of the dermoscopic photo, making it easier to learn the various criteria and structures. Moreover, each case has a diagnostic pearls section that adds much didactic value....What is most unique and valuable is that readers are not just passively reading about a subject, but are drawn to actively participate and make decisions. wholeheartedly recommend this book (now app) for anyone interested in learning dermoscopy."Doody's Review Service This interactive app is based on the full content of Dermoscopy n llustrated Selfssessment Guide by McGrawHill. bout the uthors Robert Johr, Clinical Professor of Dermatology, ssociate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics Pigmented Lesion Clinic, University of Miami School of Medicine Wilhelm Stolz, Director, Clinic of Dermatology, llergology and Environmental Medicine Hospital München Schwabing, Professor of Dermatology, Faculty of Medicine LudwigMaximiliansUniversität, Munich, Germany Disclaimer This app is intended for the education of healthcare professionals and not as a diagnostic and treatment reference for the general population. Developed by Usatine Media, Richard Usatine, CoPresident, Professor of Dermatology, University of Texas Health Science Center at San ntonio Peter Erickson, CoPresident, Lead Software Developer



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