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Living Medical eTextbook Dermatology Edition is an interactive resource to support learning in the field of dermatology. Within each chapter, you will find supportive multimedia hyperlinks that provide access to illustrations, videos, journal articles, glossary terms, online textbooks, and other resources to enhance understanding of relevant issues. The first two chapters form a scientific basis for understanding the role of immunology in dermatologic disease and intervention. In Chapter 1, the focus is on the cellular components of the innate and adaptive immune systems. Chapter 2 reviews how signaling systems, in which immune cells and mediators interact, direct immune responses. Chapter 3 evaluates allergic and hypersensitivityrelated skin conditions. Immune processes outlined in the first two chapters inform this discussion of conditions including allergic, irritant, and atopic dermatitis; urticaria; and drug eruptions. Nonallergic inflammatory dermatologic conditions, such as psoriasis, lichen planus, alopecia areata, and vitiligo are the focus of Chapter 4. Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 review conventional therapies and biologic therapies, respectively. Each chapter contains practical nursing tips.



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