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Master RealWorld Chinese Reading Premium Intermediate Edition Practice Mandarin reading with simple articles, instant dictionary and audio 1. Easy, graded Chinese articles on your phone, works 100% offline 2. Instant touch dictionary 3. Instant audio for Mandarin listening After all those mandarin lessons, Chinese newspapers and media can still seem impenetrable. Decipher Chinese Reader helps you practice your Mandarin reading and listening, one bite at a time. Real, recent articles that native Chinese people are reading but you still have a chance of understanding 80%, and the support to read the last 20% of words you haven’t learnt yet. The articles are downloaded on to your phone so you can read them offline when you have a spare moment to practice. Decipher Chinese Intermediate 4 Over 50 articles encompassing news exciting lifestyle essays and stories. Learn more about modern day China while practicing your mandarin reading. The intermediate app includes more news and lifestyle articles of current issues in China and the World today than the beginner’s app. Suitable for Intermediate learners ( level 4). Also includes 15 official examination reading comprehension passages from sample papers of 4 from Hanban/Confucious Institute. Simplified Chinese only Example titles Nearly 45% of Chinese are happy 10 unexpected things you can bring on aircraft 180 million single in China Entrepreneur takes off in China Our other premium products Decipher Chinese Beginner 2 to 3 Decipher Chinese Advanced 5 Each app has over 50 articles. Beginner focuses on stories, while Intermediate and Advanced has more contemporary news and essays, as well as extracted articles from official exam paper. Our free product Decipher Chinese Taster The free taster has 7 articles and a crosssection of articles from our beginner intermediate and advanced catalogue of articles. See what level you are and if you like our app!



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