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New Year's Sale! Make a resolution to pay off your debt. DebtTracker Pro helps you stay on top of your finances by providing a simple interface to keep track of your debt. DebtTracker Pro also features the ability to track a payoff plan for your debt. DebtTracker Pro uses the popular debt snowball system. Pick one of the builtin payment strategies or customize your own. You can even add an "extra payment" and see how much money you can save. Once you've decided on a payment strategy, DebtTracker Pro takes care of the rest by automatically showing the recommended payment amount each month for all of your debts. Features of DebtTracker Pro For each credit line, track the balance, credit limit, due date, payment history and more! Protect your data with a passcode See reminders before payments are due (Note Payment reminders are only displayed when DebtTracker Pro is running so be sure to launch the app regularly). Automatic due date adjustment If a due date falls on a Saturday or Sunday, DebtTracker Pro adjusts the due date to the Friday before. See the ratio of account balance vs. credit limit See the percentage of debt that has been paid off for each account See the total balance of all your accounts Use the currency format of your choice DebtTracker Pro automatically uses the default currency set for your device, or you can choose a different one from the Settings. If you have a problem or a suggestion, please email



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