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days, the perfect complement to Calendar Keep track of the most important dates in your life! ① If you’re tired of fishing through calendar apps to find important dates that you occasionally need, either from the distant past or the far off future, then days is for you! ② If you want to see clearly the events coming up in your calendars without being shown lots of empty white boxes with entries in text so tiny you can’t even read what’s there on a given day, then days is for you! ③ If you want to know how long it’s been since you left school / university, had your last hair cut, saw a doctor, had a vaccination, started your current job, left your previous job, when you bought your car, how old your dog / television / house is, then days is for you! ④ If you want to be reminded up to 99 days before your passport / drivers license expires, when your mortgage / loans run down, when your next medical appointment is, when you need to perform routine maintenance on your household devices, when you have to renew your subscriptions / contracts, how long to go before your vacation starts or you can retire, then days is for you! ⑤ If you want a single app that keeps track of the most important dates in your life, and lets you manage these in a simple and clear yet provides extensive categorisation, sorting, filtering, searching, and sharing capabilities, showing how old a past event is or a countdown to when a future event will occur, then days is for you! Unlike most calendar apps which focus on events coming up in the near future, days has been designed to keep track of the most important dates in your life from the distant past to the distant future. It manages this by seamlessly combining calendar entries with its own database to store events outside of calendar. Use days to store distant past events such as your entire education, employment, medical history, and events off in the future like legal documents expiring, contracts running down, etc. Use days own database to store events in three broad stores ► Days Gone Great for important dates you need to remember from the past Medical Dates, Personal Dates, Project Milestones, Employment Dates, Education Dates, Equipment Age, Journal / Log Book ► Annual Great for annually recurring events, just enter the details once and days will always remember Birthdays, Anniversaries, Name days, Death dates, Public Holidays, Historic Events, National Celebrations ► Days To Go Excellent as a todo reminder store for keeping track of important dates coming up in the future Warranties Expiring, Membership / Subscription Renewals, Contractual Dates, Legal Documents Expiring, Bank Cards Expiring, Project Deadlines, Appointments, House Chores, Equipment Maintenance, Vacations and important Life Events Features ► Universal app (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch) with iCloud synch and other sharing features to transfer events between all iOS devices. ► Local notification alerts, you choose which events you want to be alerted to and how many days before, up to 99 days for Days To Go and Annual events. ► Instant sorting by DaystoGo / Gone / Alphabetical How many calendar's let you sort events alphabetically? ► Instant filtering on multiple Categories / Calendars. ► Copy entries across the lists, and to and from Calendars. ► Powerful search feature with drill down filtering. ► Add unlimited notes to each event, which are also checked when searching. ► Built in date calculator. ► Preferences to control display behavior and set alert time. ► Change Theme Colors (Plain, Dark Blue, Light Blue) All day’s events can be exported for backup, printing, importing, or sharing via the email functions, and calendar events can be exported for printing via email Note Calendar events are integrated from 1 year back to 1 year forward.



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