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Count the days until your Special Day with style By popular request the app "Days to go is now available to countdown to your special day! Here are some of the reviews from Days to go WDW This App s So Simple To Use, & Has Awesome Pix To Go With t. Have t Set To Remind Me Every Morning... (5 Stars) Love this app!! 125 days to go! (5 Stars) Love this app! Me and my family look at it and get super excited as the countdown gets closer!! (4 Stars) Average rating in Store 4.4 Stars Turn on daily reminders and the icon badge will show number of days to go Displays countdown in choice of styles Days to go or YYMMDD format Add periodic reminders delivered to your device no internet access required Customize reminders everyday at the time of your choosing, weekdays, weekends you decide Add your own music from your iTunes Library to play when you launch the app in response to a reminder Shake to play your song Flip through pictures by swiping left or right Customize the look of your countdown Customize the background color, font color and font Choose included pictures or add them from your photo library Add a slideshow Choose the delay before slideshow starts and interval between pictures Randomize slideshow order Facebook integration Post countdown to your Facebook Wall Post magically includes Days to go icon with badge showing number of days remaining The icon badge updates without the need for an internet connection using local notification service. The badge is updated at midnight without launching the app for up to 5 weeks Your feedback is important. Please help make "Days to go" even better. Email your comments, questions and suggestions


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