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All of the steps…all in one place. Davis Mobile Nursing Procedure Checklists lets you carry the procedure checklists for 169 common nursing procedures in the palm of your hand. For each procedure, you'll find all of the steps in the order that they must be performed to ensure the safety of both the patient and the nurse. Perfect for class, clinical, and practice! Features 1) Use the search function to find the checklist for the procedure you need. 2) Refer to the checklist, whenever and wherever you need it, as many times as you need to. 3) Check off each step as you master it. 4) Add comments when relevant. 5) Email your completed checklist to your instructor…or to yourself for future reference. 6) Refer to the "PrinciplesBased Procedure Checklist" before you begin any other procedure. 7) Download the content directly to your mobile device; no web connection is necessary after the initial download. Checklist Topics in Brief 1) PrinciplesBased Procedure Checklist To Use With All Procedures… 2) Experiencing Health & Illness 3) Measuring Vital Signs 4) Health Assessment Performing a Physical Examination 5) Promoting Asepsis & Preventing Infection 6) Promoting Safety 7) Facilitating Hygiene 8) Administering Medications 9) Nutrition 10) Urinary Elimination 11) Bowel Elimination 12) Sensory Perception 13) Pain Management 14) Activity & Exercise 15) Sleep & Rest 16) Skin Integrity & Wound Healing 17) Oxygenation 18) Fluids, Electrolytes & AcidBase Balance 19) Perioperative Nursing About Davis Davis Mobile applications are produced by Davis Company. An independent publisher since 1879, Davis has been meeting the needs of generations of health care providers. Today, the company carries on that tradition through its catalogue of books, electronic, online, and mobile products for students, educators, and clinicians in Nursing, Medicine, and the Health Sciences. Its flagship titles, Taber’s® Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary and Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses®, are among the most trusted names in health care. For more information on Davis Mobile and other Davis products, visit www.fadavis.com


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