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Developed from Cylient’s groundbreaking workshop “Coaching In The Moment®,” this Coaching Moments app will help you turn daytoday conversations into opportunities to help people learn and grow. You create Coaching Moments by igniting insights, rather than just telling people what to do. When people connect the dots for themselves they’re motivated to take action. That’s the alchemy of Coaching Moments turning insights into meaningful actions. Use this app when you Are stuck or frustrated and need to coach yourself on what to do next Need to prepare for a challenging conversation Want to coach up, or influence others to consider a different perspective Need to give someone feedback they may not want to hear Want to inspire others to embrace change or take more initiative Features Stepbystep instructions for creating Coaching Moments Coaching questions for specific situations, such as coaching colleagues, addressing difficult behavior and empowering others Audio overview of Coaching Moments Audio of a sample Coaching Moments conversation Ability to take notes or record your insights for later review Helpful hints to improve your coaching capabilities For more information contact Cylient 515.276.202



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